Refund Policy

This Refund Policy applies to any photographs, illustrations, vectors, drawings, templates, backgrounds, textures, patterns, illustrations, and any other graphic digital assets through the website website operated by Imagistack Software (OPC) Private Limited (Licensor)  and licensed by The licensee (as defined below) 


“Licensee” means the person or entity set forth in the applicable Invoice as the “licensee” and receiving the rights to the Licensed Materials as specified hereunder.

“Licensor” refers to Imagistack Software (OPC) Private Limited.


In case the downloaded file is corrupt and not opening, the Licensor can fix it and upload a new file for the licensee. If the licensor is not able to fix the corrupt file then the licensor will issue a refund. 

In case the file contains a wrong file compared to the picture of the graphic asset on the site, licensor will provide a correct file for the graphic asset.. If licensor is not able to provide a correct file in this case, then licensor will issue a refund.

Licensor shall be under no obligation to issue refunds under any other circumstances.

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